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Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation

by Queenbee
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Readers might question the wisdom of our decision to dedicate the theme of the annual special issue of Fundamatics 2014 on the theme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship given the fact that there is a surfeit of writing on Innovation and Entrepreneurship available to readers today.

Our decision had less to do with the fact that IIT Bombay alumni have amongst its ranks many successful entrepreneurs and innovators and more to do with a sincere belief that a better understanding of the nature, process and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship is a key factor in economic development and that this is a crucial area that can fuel sustainable growth mechanisms in the foreseeable future for developing economies like India.

Today, the nation is undoubtedly in an era of dual realities, at one end there is rapidly progressing science and technology, growing economies, and changing lifestyles and at the other, accessing such basic amenities as food, health, education, and livelihood is still a challenge for millions.

An unique but undetected phenomenon in the past couple of decades among Indians has been a consistent unleashing of an entrepreneurial movement like never before. Be it serial entrepreneurship in the Silicon Valley or setting up plants and factories in India these are people who bucked the trend deciding to ignore the lure of cushy jobs with fat salaries and daring to dream of building something of their own.  This is a gigantic socio-cultural change that bodes well for our country. In this issue we would like to look through time space and across disciplines to focus on India’s innovation frontiers, and on unique insights on entrepreneurship that can both guide and inspire our readers.

Scattered across the pages of this issue are unique insights to pique your curiosity and encourage conversations and debate, and also inspiring life stories that enable us to investigate whether innovation and entrepreneurship manifest themselves differently across different sectors and disciplines. The larger aim is as always to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators who would draw sustenance form these narratives and script transformative stories in their own lives.

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