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by Namita Lobo


Why Blog for Us?

Fundamatics is a celebration of the I.I.T.B. alumni community’s diverse and multifaceted talents. It invites readers to not only ponder over their inspirations and passions but also share their thoughts and opinions. Getting people hooked with an out-of-the-box approach is no easy feat! However, our editorial team attempts to do just that- by providing alumni with yet another platform to exhibit their many quirks and interests.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Your blog post should be anywhere between 500 and 800 words
  2. Please include a short bio of around 50 words that describe what you do, your hobbies and/or talents
  3. Your posts are likely to be edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.
  4. If there’s substantial chopping and/or modification of the post, we shall email you to seek your approval before posting
  5. A short introduction or conclusion may be provided so as to contextualize the blog
  6. If your post meets the above guidelines, please e-mail it to fundamatics@iitbombay.org for consideration.





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