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Bunkum and Wish wash

by Ezbee
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He says his name is Bankim Biswas. He says he likes to speak Bunkum and Wishwash. We agree. Because it’s totally bunkum that his name is Bankim Biswas. No such name exists in our alumni directory. Why then, are we anointing this newbee i.e. Bunkumbee to be our new, and hopefully regular columnist?

By Bunkumbee’s claims buttressed further by opinions from our readers, many of Fundamatics articles are good, but “heavy stuff”. Discourses on education, research, philosophy, politics and now, Indian economy (and that too in 2061)-the main theme of this issue…..what else can it be, but heavy?

Bunkumbee is heavily into “light-shight” stuff and has threatened us that he will make light of the heaviest of themes. We dared him to try. So here we are, presenting this Bunkum/Shunkum to tear into the Indian economy and try to lighten the mood of those who have navigated till this page through heavy territory.

For the record, Bunkumbee is a heavyweight in the mid-region and a lightweight in the cranial area, by his own admission. So let us see him reduce the weight of Fundamatics and maybe make the shipping charges more manageable.

– EZ Bee

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