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by Fumblebee
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Our readers are gaali giving. They are telling that Fundamatics is always late coming. It is Late Latif. They are telling that like teacher, they will make us khada karoing in the kona. When they are paisa-giving for subscription, and we are late karoing, whose grandfather will pay interest? We are telling, “Arre Baba! We are not jaan boojke late karoing. We are Late Latif, no? Then in this issue, we are telling some latifas.”

Madam is telling us that this is humour issue. There should be some hasna-hasana. Some readers are telling that we are chhapoing good articles. But most are serious. You are telling about environment and global warming. But we also want to hasso. We are answering back, “Arre Baba! Why you are not reading about fart-icle and effect on environment? You’re not hassoing for that article?” Readers are telling that they are missing it. Others are telling that they are reading Role of Entrepreneurship in an Evolving Ecosystem and Emerging Markets but are missing article on how IITians are making Taj Mahal. Or how Karkare is doing Hagiwara tandav.

So we are thinking that your mood is gussa karoing to us. So we will hasao you by running some old articles for which you are paisa bharoing, but not reading. We will chhapo again so that you will pet-pakad-ke-hassoing . We are phir se telling how Madam G is bungling. How Satish is Leja ko line maroing. How Akshay is China mein gadbad karoing. How Gautam Saha is telling about Chinese dhobi. How Rustom is murdering through poetry. You will hasso and start taali maroing. If you are hassoing, you are forgetting your gussa till next time we are late karoing. Before that, we are subscription renewing and ads taking and finding other latifas.

When teacher is gussa karoing, you are joke-maroing and making forget the gussa. But we are sorry telling for late karoing and are also requesting that you give us articles in time. If you are liking this issue and hassoing loudly, then you please going to ezine site at www.fundamatics.net and commenting that you are hassoing. You please go to our Facebook page and telling that you are liking Fundamatics. You please renewing subscription and please supporting with ads/donations so that we can hassao you some more.

Fumblebee is bye-bye telling now and meeting you again next issue which we are trying to jaldi karing. If you are articles bhejoing on energy, education, entrepreneurship (EEE), we are even more jaldi karing. Why we are choosing EEE? Why because we are baap of EE department which is rula-ing you, but we are now going to only hasao you.

(Read this editorial again, sung to the tune of

Hassomati Maiya se bole Nandlala

Radha kyoon soti, main kyoon saala)




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