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I saw – The Reality of the Dazzling City Mumbai!

by Sonika Malloth
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I saw her tender hands through the noises
as her mom cuddled her; her innocent eyes
conjured a smile up many stressed faces.
I saw the blissful heart, with no worries
protected and safe from insane flurries
at the same time…

I saw her blistered hands, as she scrounged
around for a little food, shelter, affection.
Scornful looks always haunted and challenged.
I saw the contended heart; orphaned by poverty
this kid faced all odds with utmost maturity.
I saw his money flow for baneful rum and weed.
He crushed a father’s dream in that night pub.
His pointless life had no intentions to succeed.
I saw the lustful heart, a wealthy spoiled brat
unaware of reality of life,
a selfish autocrat
at the same time…

I saw him stumble as his shaky legs bore the load
the father crushed himself for his child’s dream
quenching his thirst with sweat he sorely moved
I saw the annoyed heart, this ignorant mortal
cursed himself,only love opens no wealthy portal.
I saw her glossy pink lips curve at the edges
he silently blushed going down the memory lane
recalling the day she met him on that bridge
I saw the loving heart, when he profoundly kissed
the princess of his life, forever loved and cared
at the same time…

I saw her fake ecstasy, as she earned each penny.
The sheer pleasure in divine meeting of two souls
never reached her; it was just a matter of money.
I saw the empty heart, her sense of reasoning died
when she was six, ripped, torn apart but never cried.
I saw him walk briskly analyzing profit and loss-
a straight face with permanent frown did slavery
for high salary and had no time for anyone except his boss.
I saw the ambitious heart, always hungry for more.
Will he ever realize he is running for the wrong door
at the same time…

I saw him wash with uttermost sincerity and passion.
He smiled as he received two pounds for each pile
generously shared without worrying about starvation.
I saw the contented heart, thanked each of the gods
for all he could get as they blessed from the clouds.
I saw him alone, strolling along the deserted park,
all his riches protected his body but not his soul
which silently wept as he felt lost in the dark.
I saw the forlorn heart, after ninety years of battle-
sick and tired of snatching wealth, had none to prattle
at the same time…

I saw him forage near each and every garbage patch;
he valiantly fought all evil – dogs, crows, cows, bulls
shivering in ragged clothes, cold under a tree branch.
I saw the brave heart, with no grief or self-pity
for he was free to choose his journey and destiny.
I saw life, as it is, through the dazzling mirror
through the towers, through the slums, rich and poor
good and evil, right and wrong, go hand in hand here.
I saw terror attacks, blackened ocean – blue sky
raving rains – furious floods, I saw the city Mumbai.

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