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Let it Bee

by Tinkerbee
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Artwork: Fritz Ahlefeldt

Over the years,

And in the span across time circles and gyres,

We slowly realise and start to know,

How easy is everything else, but letting go.

We cling to memories and call them nostalgia,

While reality beckons us to rise from amnesia.

We keep holding on to the past,

Even when the dreams we weaved for a future are ours at last.

Over the years,

We gather that everything can be conquered, except fear.

We fear losing all that we have,

And run after an unknown crave.


Over the years,

We start growing up to understand that everything is simple,

Except that to forgive yourself is the toughest job of all.

We mull over errors and worry about mistakes,

Regretting the opportunities that came and then went,

Worrying over the unseen burden of expectations that were on stake.


Over the years,

There were so many things to be afraid of, to lose, or to regret,

That we kept calculating all that we lost and noted that which we could not get.

We forgot to look around,

To feel light and to perceive sound.


Over the years,

We forgot how it feels to touch the blades of damp grass,

To see the unfolding of nature’s romance,

And to listen to the fight of squirrels or to hear the birds sing.

We forgot to count the ticks of the clock and perceive the gongs ring.

For, time was everything but worth our time.


Over the years,

Crushed by the mad rush to be,

I also forgot that it sometimes is alright to let it be.

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