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Love you Daddy

by Akanksha Manghrani
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Looking back, I can’t stop wondering,

Was this the life you were leading me to,

When questions that need to be asked,

Seem to have been vanquished, crushed

by The Great Power that watches over us …

When the quest for answers leaves me

only dead in fear…

When tears hold back on themselves,

Your silken touch not being there…

When saying “love you daddy” and being

tugged tight in your arms, would just remain

as possible as drinking the water of the mirage…

Was so much love meant to be your substitute

for an entire lifetime?

Did all those sleepless nights, mean

that I needed to take in hand the anchor

of my life?

Were all those rebukes, meant for you to

slowly ebb away?

Yes, of course they were all meant to be…

Me being too naive to anticipate that

divinity could not walk with sinners like me

for too long…

PS: this is for all those who fail to remember the last time they had hugged their fathers tight and felt that warmth of love… Many just do not care because they fail to realise that there are some who have been deprived of this love forever…

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