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On the Powai Lake

by Raintree
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Image has been sourced from <https://unsplash.com/>


Be the rising or the setting sun
birds seem to be having fun

A cormorant sun bathes while a shrike
tries new shades

A stilt with legs thin
looks in the shallow for fin

As the Ibiss’s glide in a vee
quacking, whistling ducks wonder,
“how many are we?”

The kingfisher seems all blue, but dives
in a split second;
it makes fish run for their lives

Herons, purple and grey,
use their wingspans
to impress the lady clan

Terns fly, turn, fly and turn
wonder why they are avoiding a sun burn

While the koel coos and the cow moos
a school of parrots is set loose

Hawks sit brooding, catch prey swooping
wonder where they got their schooling

There are crocodiles I hear
should we fear? Oh yes! if we or it comes near

Eagles soar, scan the panorama
“Is there a new drama?”
Engines cut and uproot,
axes go ‘hack, hack’
the lake wonders who is this quack

Folks come, sit, talk and see
do they ever wonder,
“Is the lake part of us, or are we?”

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