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by Arpit Agarwal
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In this issue we have carried features on cartooning from an alumnus (Shreyas Navare), a faculty member (Arun Inamdar) and close it with a feature from a student – Arpit Agarwal currently the General Secretary, Cultural Affairs of IIT Bombay.

Arpit is a fourth year undergraduate from the Department of Energy Science and Engineering. He is passionate about photography and fine arts, ‘cartooning’ in particular and has a six-year senior diploma from the Vidyasagar Academy, Kolkata. Arpit has won numerous competitions since his childhood: Mood Indigo, Antaragini, Rendezvouz and Malhar to name a few at the inter-collegiate level. Photography and graphic designing were his unexplored areas of interest before coming to IIT, which have now become an inseparable part of him. He was the Institute Photography and Fine Arts Secretary in his third year and the Convener of Rang – The Fine Arts Club of IIT Bombay in his sophomore year. Arpit also likes exploring new visual art forms, film-making, dramatics, playing cricket and technical activities.

While we are on the subject, a quick note on ‘Rang’ the fine arts club of IIT Bombay will not be amiss either. ‘Rang’ started in 2003 to bring together the art enthusiasts from campus and over the years this has become a key informal forum through which the students interact with other sections of the campus community. Be it the KV school children, family of faculty members, professors staff – if you have an interest in art, to learn, make, share or do, Rang creates the avenue for you to do so.  And if you have not heard of ‘Kaladarshan’ the annual fine arts and photography exhibition organized by Rang in March, then swinging by campus on those days might definitely be worth it. You can find out more about Kaladarshan and Rang at www.fb.com/kaladarshan and http://rang-iitb.blogspot.in/


Course Evaluation 101= strong hammock; 'happy meal'; 100% dartboard strikes.

Course Evaluation 101= strong hammock; ‘happy meal’; 100% dartboard strikes.


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