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The Moon ©

by Sandeep Kishore
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The day I took
The moon in my hand
it looked,
as if it had been waiting
for me, for a very long time.

It settled
in my hand
and said,
you took a while.

I observe them everyday
everyone looks at me
many desire me
But few have the courage
to grab me.

All it takes is to jump
and get me,
I am far
for a reason.

I play with the sun’s rays
and change my shape
sometimes, I am complete
and sometimes half,
I even hide behind the sun
to get away

People with deep conviction
don’t rest at night,
be it a full
moonless night

I always see their
inner light to be on

It’s difficult, but not impossible…
Even I wait.

Go and get your own moon
Go and get your own moon

[This poem is from Sandeep’s first collection of Hindi-English poems Your Shadow Wants to Walk Alone, which was recently published by Rupa Publications Private Limited. The book is available for online purchase on Amazon and Filpkart.]

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