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by Apurv Mittal
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We were standing at the doors of the local train at CST. She held the bar with both her hands, inside the train. I was on the platform, with my hands in my pockets.

She was talking about random things. But I was lost in the river of my own thoughts. The past few days were filled with ecstasy and amazing experiences, and I was still soaked in them.

I looked at the clock on the station. It said 10:47 and my heart raced to stop the time. The train was scheduled to depart at 10:48, but I didn’t want her to leave. I wanted her to stay. I looked at her only to find that she was looking at me with a wide smile on her face. She had stopped talking. She was probably waiting for me to talk now.

But before I could say anything, the train moved. It moved without warning, without hint. I flinched involuntarily, but that was quickly replaced by my pressed lips trying to beam a smile. I could not look into her eyes for long because I was afraid that my eyes might tell the truth and, hence, I looked away and retreated.

But within 3 steps, I turned around. She was still standing near the doors of her compartment, looking out at me with amazement, perhaps wondering why I turned away. And as the train pulled out of the station, I stood there- letting time take her away.

Life is too short to leave anything that you want unspoken and undone.

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