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For Ravi Mariwala, life is another great adventure to embark on. He is the Founder, Promoter and CEO of Smaart Water, a company that provides affordable, integrated and holistic water solutions for industrial, institutional, residential, commercial and community markets in Rural and Urban India.  He has started the company with a vision of providing Sustainable and Abundant Water to everyone.  In the process, he has developed more than 10 technologies, 25+ products and five services packages which are commercialized.

For Ravi, sustainability and outdoors are a passion.  He has worked on sustainable and integrated solutions for water.  He has set up more than 10 million liters per year Rain Harvesting system and more than 300 installations in the water sustainability space.  He extensively lectures about sustainable solutions for water.

Dr. Mariwala holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware with 5 patents and 17 publications in international peer-reviewed Journals.  He has more than 25 years’ experience in chemical and allied process industries in various capacities, including projects funded by Dupont, Air Products, Rohm & Haas and US Govt. through TDS Research, Colorado.

Dr. Mariwala has presented his vision for water at Stanford University  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8o65nBXCEo), American Chemical Society Annual Meeting at Boston (2015) 13th National Convention UNSDG, Bengaluru and at the University of Delaware his alma mater.  He is a promoter of Marico, Kaya and promotor and Director of Eternis Fine Chemicals.

He is an adjunct faculty at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. He lectures on Technology and Entrepreneurship at ICT.  He regularly mentors 2-3 students every year through projects to inspire them to join a field related to Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Ravi is also one of the founding members of Tech & Innovation Advisor Group of Centre for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford University.

Ravi has been sailing for the last 45 years and currently sails competitively and cruises along the western coast of India regularly.

Ravi is also an active member of The Himalayan Club. He has climbed and trekked extensively in the Himalaya and Sahyadri (37 years, more than 250 ascents) and edited the prestigious Himalayan Club News Letter.     These are his passions which allow him to experience and reflect on the larger issues of water and sustainability.

Smaart Water is based in Mumbai with a dedicated Water Research and Test Laboratory. Smaart Water’s Technical Centre is in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai, where the design and assembly of its products take place.  It has channel partners across Maharashtra and a pan India geographic reach.

Links:  www.smaartwater.com

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