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A STUDENT’s Thanksgiving!

by Varun Sahni
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Artwork by Prof. Arun Inamdar

Thank you for introducing Astrology
Into the curriculum
This year!

It will help us know our future
And approach it
Without fear!
Who will get an A in which exam
And who only a B
Will I persist and finally get
The coveted Ph.D.?
And after coursework’s over
Help me in my stride
Using Astrological predictions
To find a suitable guide
And may Astrology please guide
My submission strategy
If the moon is in Scorpio
Can I submit to Phys Rev D?
And after Ph.D. is over
Where will my future lie
Will I be stuck in India
Or, to the US fly?
And later still, guided by my star
Will I return to India from afar
Perhaps to land a cushy job
In some university
Teaching UGC’s latest course
Called Astro-Palmistry!
Varun Sahni
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