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When I Graduated

by Vaibhav Sambre
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When I graduated

dressed in pure white

with an uttariya to grace

I sat with my friends


The same friends

some whom I knew

would be difficult to catch up

still we managed to smile and look up


The friends with whom I missed classes

were all set to be missed

the same people who made insti a home

will soon disappear in the world, amiss!


When I graduated

I was told to look forward

that the world awaits me

that I needed to prove my worth


Somehow I looked behind

and saw all my 5 years

like a recap they flashed

and now the end was so near


I looked behind all the talks,

banter, masti did I find

it would not be easy I said I had to do it I said


Preparing for the next world

I saw all the worlds

which had been my part

from which I was set to depart


Coz when I graduated

I got what I sought for

but I lost what I craved for

and the feeling is difficult to explain.

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