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Whither Water Management ?

by Noseybee
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This section of our magazine includes a selection of 7 water-themed scholarly articles contributed by distinguished alumni, many of whom are also well known activists. The articles bring into focus the different dimensions of the water problem giving us plenty of food for thought.

While Shripad asks if we can solely depend upon technologies to manage water resources, Raghu argues that water cannot be considered alone when it comes to its management as a valuable resource.In their own way, both Upal Ghosh and Sharachchandra discuss the importance of mobilising social and political will to preserve the “quintes-sential environmental public good” that is water. While Himanshu Thakkar debates the viability of hydro-power projects, Jagdish’s article highlights the ecological ramification of harnessing water by building dams and reservoirs over the last remaining free-flowing rivers. And, we have Nikhil’s piece that delves deep into the water delivery chain.

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