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by Tinkerbee
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New Picture (9)l

When the red lips of the last rays,

give their final smile

and close over the darkening horizon.

When the fragrance of summer blossoms,

Weigh heavily on the night sky.

When the long tresses of the dark night,

plaited with moon and stars,

unknots its mysteries and magic.

When the light breeze,

Creates its own rhythm

and an unknown music-

Then, I do dream of you!

But you! Who are you?

For I have neither seen you,

Nor have I heard you!

But, it feels I have known you

From, I know not when….

I know not how.

But who are you?

My hidden strength?

Or my dark weakness?

You- concealed in the caves of the night,

and in the glare of the day.

I can see you not-

But can feel you,

like incense in the air,

and like the sweetmeats,

sold in the village fair.

You! Whoever you are!

Whether near,

Or far-

I wait for you

to come for me

in the shadowy chambers of my heart…


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