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Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt

“A healthy planet should not be a moonshot,” writes one of the authors of this Climate Change issue of Fundamatics. As a global pandemic continues to rock the world causing untold hardships to the human race, there is a greater challenge lurking behind the scenes. The Guest Editor of this issue Raghuram Murtugudde, succinctly points out in his Editorial piece, good health comes from consuming mindfully not just food, but also energy and water. Read a kaleidoscopic range of views on climate change – anecdotal, some scientific, and others discursive – that will drive home the realization that the threat of global warming no longer a far-off phenomenon. The set of articles in this issue not only discuss the various implications of climate change but focus on efforts to mitigate its impact on ecosystems and communities, and share guidelines to achieve a sustainable future.

Evergreen Hoss-tales

Nostalgia time! For some fundoo hostel memories. Pondies. Gaalis. Water fights. EPs/PAFs. Cult trophy. Sports trophy. Inter wing tourneys. Bridge. Carom. TT. Footer. Basketball. Volleyball. Chess. Antakshari. Chayageet. Dumb Charades.…

H5 Enhancement Project – the Seed for Project Evergreen

In mid-2019, one of our classmates (C’77) posted pictures of our hostel 5 on WhatsApp. There was an uproar. 

Timeless Memories of H10

It has been 30 years since we graduated, and yet the thought of my wing brings an instant lifting of the spirit and a bubble of laughter in my throat.

TGIF: Holiday Caper!

Who doesn’t like an unexpected holiday being declared, especially students pleasantly surprised when a  snow day or a rainy day is suddenly announced at a school or a college?

The Hike to Matheran

“…those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end, we’d sing and dance forever and a day…” as sung by Mary Hopkin (1968). We easily recall this wonderful…

Six Memories of H6

The first memory has to be of the first entry into the hostel in blinding rain. Since I had not yet studied engineering, I knew how to fix a bulb…

Community Living

IITB was my first experience of community living. There was very little of ‘this is mine’.

Shape of Things That Were

Arun Kaul H4, C76 Aero is famous for: Riding to classes on horseback and “parking” the horse in the cycle shed. Creating and singing brilliant parodies on the fly. Remember…

An Elegy on the Death of an Yellow Bike

The yellow bike was an abomination. Its owner, who was named after the mating call of the Rana Tigrina, was contemplating the despicable act of making money from a hand…

Vintage Student Publications from IIT Bombay

When I joined IIT Bombay in 1974 the first piece of “publication” that I got was an introduction to the Students’ Gymkhana. 

A Trip to Matheran on Bicycles and ‘Ghee’ Stories

The first week of January 1972, we had returned to the Institute after the winter break.

Empowerment – Not Just a Pipe Dream!

IITB was a very special place. H10 at IITB was an even more special place.

Metamor4sis! Planting Trees Under the Shade of Which We Would Never Sit

As background, I had the honor of serving as General Secretary (GS) of Hostel 4 in 1968-69 1 . During my H4 GS term, we broke all norms for a hostel…

A Short History of Powai

Long, long ago, in 1965, archeologists were scandalized to find a stoned student in the bed of Powai Lake (surname first), who pretended that it was routine matter.

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