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November – December, 2017

This month, we’re unleashing the ‘fun’ element in Fundamatics. Life at IITB has always been enlivened with oodles of cultural activity and sporting events, with young students making the most of every opportunity. With alumni now scattered across all corners of the globe, an e-zine is a perfect vehicle to re-ignite that spark. So here’s the fun n’ games issue with plenty of activity for you – so shake off the passive reader avatar to reclaim and rediscover your enthu self.


Trek to Har-ki-Dun BY Sharayu Pradeep

A nature enthusiast lovingly recounts an 11-day trek to the snow-capped mountains that reveal nature at its sublime best.

Also Ran BY Rohit Grover

The first installment of a four-part series by a marathon runner who takes a lighthearted look at how it all started.

Obituary for One I Hold Dear BY Rustom Kanga

A slightly unconventional poem written to commemorate the life of a true friend to the family.

Book Worm BY Abraham Thomas

A lit quiz that will get all your gray cells working overtime.

Gandhiji ke teen Bandar BY Arun Inamdar

A thought-provoking cartoon that will make you laugh yourself into stitches.

Musical Notes BY Deepak Singh

A fun and addictive quiz that will test your musical prowess.

Revisit our October to November issue.

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