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March, 2018 – April, 2018

The earth has reawakened from her slumber and is exploding with new life. The familiar sights and sounds of nature – blue skies, the warm and glorious sunshine, new foliage and flurry of activity in the animal world – makes one feel like the world is starting anew. The distinctive call of the ever-secretive cuckoo bird rings loud and clear. The coy flowers of spring in their modest shades of pink, purple and white have started mingling with the brazen red of Gulmohars and flaming yellow of copper-pods thus blurring boundaries between the two seasons. A time for planting seeds, both literally and figuratively, this in-between time of the year inspires us to believe that along with the Earth, we too might change, release the past, think creatively and more importantly push boundaries. With spring imperceptibly making way for summer, it is the perfect moment to embark on new journeys and explore new directions. Inspired by this spirit of the season, we bring you this month a multitude of articles, which like the resplendent peacock captures all colours and hues of thoughts in celebration of a world in which all is now truly rejuvenated.


Women in IIT Bombay BY Chayanika Shah

An exploration of the politics of gender that draws on both personal narratives and empirical data on gender ratio at IIT Bombay.

Being Human BY Arun Inamdar

A gentle poke at the legal system which finally convicted the actor Salman Khan for his role in the blackbuck killing case of 1998.

Also Ran BY Rohit Grover

The third installment of a four-part series by a marathon runner who takes a lighthearted look at how it all started.

A Tribute to my Alma Mater BY Krishna Dhir

A nostalgic poem that pays a fitting tribute to the Institute on the occasion of its Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Fan-girl Narrative of the Televised Saga of Sridevi’s Death BY Arnapurna Rath

A sociological perspective on how an actor’s death can leave us with a very real sense of collective loss and grief set in the context of Sridevi’s death.

Some Sweet Memories BY Prof. Sharad. H. Patil

A nostalgic and gratitude filled recounting of the author’s student days spent in distant lands away from the warmth of home.
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