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May – June, 2017

This month we present a  hobby-themed issue which will be enjoyed by all those who love tinkering in their leisure hours. Meet alumni with unusual interests or rediscover a familiar batch mate in a new light. There are all types of hobbyists – amateurs, experts and those who have taken their hobbies to the next level.


Riding the Sun BY Sushil Reddy

A man who rode a solar-powered electric bicycle for 79 days covering 7,424 km across Northwest India.

Three Men and a List (to say nothing of the blog) BY Noseybee

A casual interview that traces how the casual exploration of poetry by three IITB wingmates morphed into a lively community of 1000 subscribers.

Forever on the Run BY Devesh Khatu

He has 75 marathons under his belt, and still raring to go.

‘Tickling funny bones’, for a hobby! BY Arun Inamdar

The inside story of a freelancing artist whose art has survived the test of time and the siren call of livelihood.

Delicious by Design BY Anand Prahlad

Necessity turns out to be the mother of invention yet again as the recession drives the author to experiment in the kitchen.

Leap of Faith BY Tejas Shyam

The fascinating trajectory of someone who courageously plunged from a corporate job into teaching.

Cultivating Life BY Damayanti Bhattacharya

When nurturing plants is less of a hobby and more a way of life.


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