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July – August, 2017

This month we focus on travels. Our potpourri of travel articles will transport you to far-flung corners of the big, wide world where the peaceful harmony of bountiful nature is punctuated only by the reverent tread of an occasional traveller. In these travel narratives, the landscape comes across as malleable, an almost protean presence that is being constantly shaped and reshaped through the lens of each traveler who passes through it.   And then, we have travels of quite another kind – those that do not end but stretch on interminably in our consciousness even after the physical experience of it is long over. Let’s embark on this journey then!


You Think you Know Them, But You Don’t Part-1

The first installment of a three-part travel diary in which nature is a backdrop against which the drama of human characters unfolds.

Zodiacs, Icebergs, Gentoo and Humpbacks

Experience the magic of the Seventh Continent Antarctica through the first-person narrative of an awestruck traveler.

From the Trenches in Ranchi

Visit the land of no rules where chaos reigns and uncouth behaviour takes on a commonplace, ordinary color.

Jewel of the Mangroves

Journey through a small mangrove sanctuary in coastal Orissa which resonates with the lyrical ring of bird songs.

Journeys Through Six Continents

A kaleidoscopic bunch of tales culled from a lifetime of travel and exploration of the world.

BAA BAA Black Sheep

Your one-time travel ticket to the heartland of all alumni experience.


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