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June – July, 2017

As demonetisation and its consequences hit news headlines in India again last week, we thought the time was ripe to bring you an issue focussed on the topic. This issue explores various perspectives on different aspects of the note ban – the background, the implementation process, the long-term impact, the possibility of going cashless etc. We have a variety of articles to suit every mood – knowledgeable thought pieces and informed views for when you’ve got your thinking cap on, to humorous ones in a lighter vein that will have you laughing out loud.


Demonetisation: The Bigger Picture BY Vivek Joshi.

An in-depth analysis of the pains and gains of demonetisation that takes a firm stand.

Note Ban – A Vote Spinner BY Alibaba

A tongue- in- cheek piece about what demonetization has accomplished for us and what it has not.

Digital Payments: An Opportunity to Build the Next Unicorn BY Raj Jain

Argues that demonetisation has paved an irreversible one-way path for India to transition from a cash-centric economy to a cashless on.

Standing in a Queue BY Grumblebee

A must-read guide to Endurance Cashathons and successfully Standing them that will have you laughing yourself into stitches.


Part biography of, part requiem for the dear five hundred rupee note that we parted with in November last year.

From N. R.Kamath to Samir Mitragotri – The Past and the Future of Chemical Engineering BY Satish Hattiangadi

About how this the chair professorship became a reality and the broader vision of the batch that set it up.

Big Deal BY Shreyas Navare

A masterful rendition of PM Narendra Modi’s masterstroke move.

NaMo AND DeMo BY Shirish Potnis

A commentary on 3rd Prof N R Kamath Chair Colloquium Lecture The Economics of Corruption, Black Money, and Demonetisation by Dr Kaushik Basu.

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Sailesh Kapadia ME-68, H-5 June 17, 2017 - 5:38 pm

We used to be able to get a pdf of the issue and be able to read it at leisure. Apparently this is a new system where we have to read it at one stretch while being logged in.


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