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Lighting Up Lives

by Jaideep Bansal
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Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) teamed up with IEEE Smart Villages to electrify the centuries old Linghsed Monastery and the Lingshed School. The entire project was documented by National Geographic as part of its Breakthrough Series, featuring top innovations of this century that will change the world we live in. The DC (direct current) Solar Micro Grid concept engineered by GHE was showcased as the breakthrough innovation that GHE has implemented to bring access to energy to more than 38 villages in the remote mountain communities of Himalayas, impacting the lives of over 15, 000 people.

The documentary highlights the challenging terrain of the mountains where GHE works and how the grid material of the solar panels and batteries is transported to these remote locations on horses and donkeys. There is a focus on the local communities how the remoteness has played a role in the basic facilities not being accessible, and how innovations such as the DC Solar Micro Grids can be game-changers for these communities.

Jaideep Bansal, an IIT Bombay Alumnus is the Energy Access Leader for GHE.

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