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Newton’s Archimedes

by Jumblebee
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Discover if the anecdotes associated with GBF are more real and bigger than the people who created it.

Anecdotes are anecdotes. Campfire tales that are recollected after decades to evoke nostalgia. Often, an anecdote becomes an integral part of the narrator, more real than the event that created the anecdote. It’s an anecdote that an apple fell on Newton’s head. Had it been a coconut rather than an apple, he may not have lived to tell the tale of gravity. Had Archimedes been from IIT, he wouldn’t have had a bath, leave alone in a tub and we wouldn’t have had the Eureka moment and his principle that’s taught at IIT.

Maybe the anecdotes you read here will be retold years later if the contributors do anything akin to discovering gravity or buoyancy. Via an apple or via a soap. That hardly matters.

GBF had all the action it promised. It also had more. An unlikely downpour in October that sent saxophones and bongos packing. A no-show by cabs at the airport that left hundreds stranded, a budding entrepreneur amazed that he was actually able to score deals, a SIG leader getting teased by her volunteer. These are some of the anecdotes that you’ll read about in this edition. For the next, we promise to try and cajole our Queenbee to narrate how she drove into the kitchen on a motorcycle to wake up sleepy cooks to prepare a unique concoction of lime, honey, garlic, and hot water. Till it appears as an anecdote in the next issue, we’ll have to let it survive as a rumour for now.

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