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Volunteer No. 1

by Zenobia Driver
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About a GBF volunteer who couldn’t resist dropping pearls of wisdom much to the chagrin of others.

Our SIG was blessed with an eager young student volunteer who not only managed tons of work but also had us in splits every so often with his foot-in-the-mouth comments. On one such occasion, a group of us, of varying vintage, were chatting about the food available on campus.

volunteer no. 1

(In case you’re interested, ‘All that I don’t miss about IITB’ includes Dry D, over-brewed tea, bread pakoda, kankad pe daant toda, etc. I could go on, but that’s another story.) We oohed and aahed over the small cafes / shacks that have sprung up outside each hostel now and the relief they offered from the staple mess food. In the spirit of unity and oneness, the young lad tried to include himself in the suffering-and-complaining pack, but unfortunately chose the wrong example. He indignantly pointed out that the shacks weren’t much to write home about and offered hardly any variety; for instance, the one right outside his hostel offered “keval teen type ke parathe”. By God ki kasam, that’s food fit for a king compared to a lot of what we ate. I wonder if they also get silver cutlery to eat the bloomin’ parathe with.

We oohed and aahed over the small cafes/shacks that have sprung up outside each hostel now and the relief they offered from the staple mess food.

Another day, another pearl of wisdom from the young lad. I’d sent him a mail to request his assistance in changing the photo that I’d submitted for the GBF website. I happened to mention that in the photo I resembled a lunatic axe-murderer attempting a fake smile for the flashbulbs that popped as the judge pronounced her guilty. Within minutes, I had a mail expressing the young lad’s total agreement with my opinion of the photo and promising to help me get it changed pronto. (‘tis cruel incidents like this that crush the sensitive souls of lesser mortals, luckily I have little soul and even less sensitivity.) Someone gently steer this young lad away from the corporate world though, he won’t last a minute there. On the other hand, if he does end up joining a large organisation, I want a recording of the team meetings please.

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