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Thereby Hangs a Tale

by Queenbee
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Story Of A Story

Some stories stay with you. They live in your imagination and become a part of you. One such story was Goopi Gayne Bagha Bayne, a delightful tale I first heard…

For Children, By Children

This month we bring to you a “children-themed” issue of  Fundamatics. And, by children, we mean for children and mostly by children who are connected to IIT Bombay through their…

The Duck in the Desk

While he was getting up, a duck hopped into his school bag pocket, without his notice.


Sita, the heroine of the Ramayana, the great Indian epic, was found in a furrow by her father King Janak. The name Sita is derived from the Sanskrit word seeta which means furrow. She is one amongst the dozens of characters from Indian mythology, who is adopted.

A Comprehensive Guide to Rebranding

An irreverent, satirical, action-filled romp through Heaven, Hell and that little world in between. Laugh out loud as you read this delightful fantasy about Ari Havenmark matching wits with humans, Archangels, and the Devil himself ; you’ll never think of Hell the same way again, but then, that’s what rebranding is all about, right ?

Raja Bada-Moochee Dildaar

“Lucky charm! Your moustache!” cried the hermit, “that is your lucky charm. Never cut it!” He said solemnly.“As long as you let the moustache grow it will protect you.”


Childhood, that chimeric phase in one’s life, where the one going through it, just wants to get done with it and those who have emerged on the other side wish…

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