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Illustration by Nilapratim Sengupta

“A healthy planet should not be a moonshot,” writes one of the authors of this Climate Change issue of Fundamatics. As a global pandemic continues to rock the world causing untold hardships to the human race, there is a greater challenge lurking behind the scenes. The Guest Editor of this issue Raghuram Murtugudde, succinctly points out in his Editorial piece, good health comes from consuming mindfully not just food, but also energy and water. Read a kaleidoscopic range of views on climate change – anecdotal, some scientific, and others discursive – that will drive home the realization that the threat of global warming no longer a far-off phenomenon. The set of articles in this issue not only discuss the various implications of climate change but focus on efforts to mitigate its impact on ecosystems and communities, and share guidelines to achieve a sustainable future.

Table of Contents


Prof. Raghuram Murtugudde shares his perspective on the issue of climate change and introduces the articles in this issue.

Government and Citizen responses to Climate Change

Raises pertinent questions that all of us should be aware of. Are problems being ascribed to Climate Change alone when there are multiple factors impacting them, and what can citizens and governments do about this?

Our Small Corner of the Universe

An inspirational story of two forest makers and a message – what we need is right here.

Climate Change Battle – The Youth are at the Forefront

The role of the youth in movements related to the protection of the environment, and how we can encourage their involvement.

Matters We Don’t See

The simple life of birds serve as a reminder for us that in our haste to claim over everything nature has to offer— its space, air, or the privilege of a lake or a hill—we must not forget that life works best in symbiosis.

Goa’s People say NO to Coal

The key role of civil society participation in movements related to the protection of the environment as illustrated by the recent popular upsurge against projects in the Mollem National Park led by the youth of Goa.

Climate Change and Environment

An assessment of approaches that can help us to effectively tackle climate change.

Fueling Change

Something as simple as reducing community dependence on firewood can go a long way assuaging human-wildlife conflict in our protected forests. Find out more from this story from Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary.

Seeing Climate Change: First Hand

For monsoon-dependent India, rain truly is a grace from the sky and climate change, a storm closer to home than we think. This article illustrates the different ways in which cities and rural areas experience the impact of climate change ( or a heavy monsoon).

Deciphering India’s Climate Goals

India can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adopting the twin levers of decarbonizing the power sector and adopting energy efficiency measures.

The Paradox of Sustainable Water and Climate Change

Leavened with anecdotes, this article gives a comprehensive overview of water availability and usage In India.

Growth in Sustainable Investing

Sustainable initiatives need not be seen as charitable efforts. The need for capital investment in climate-related initiatives has resulted in instruments such as Green Funds and Green Bonds. This article outlines the growth and performance of these forms of sustainable investing.

Climate Technology Breakthroughs

A few Critical Climate Technology Breakthroughs Multiplied by “Instigators” is desperately needed.


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