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A Treasure Hunt

by Sthitodhi Sen
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Once upon a time, there was a small boy who lived in a big city. But he wished to live by the big, blue sea. One day, something wonderful happened. His parents took him to the seaside.  The boy’s heart danced with joy.

It was dark when they reached the small fishing town. The boy wanted to run to the beach right then. But his mother put him to bed. That night he dreamt of sandcastles, ships, giant whales and pirates.

The sea looked lovely next morning. It was all lit up by the sun. Big waves came rolling on the sand. They rolled back leaving behind all kinds of things. The boy took his spade and made a sandcastle. 

I must now find a treasure to hide in my castle, thought the boy.  It was a good time for a treasure hunt. The sea had just gone back. He found a few shells, pebbles, some seaweed, and an empty can. But, they did not look that special. Then he found something else.

A blob half-buried in the wet sand. A special treasure for his sandcastle! The boy poked it with his spade. It moved only a little. He now saw a pair of eyes and many pairs of legs.

With his spade, the boy gently pushed the thing into his bucket. He ran towards his castle. He stopped all of a sudden. He seemed to be thinking. He started running again. This time in the direction of the sea. 

The boy slowly let the thing out into the waves. Without waiting to watch, he ran to find his mother. 

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1 comment

Niranjan Bhat August 19, 2020 - 6:08 pm

I am quite impressed with the thought process that has gone into the telling of this story. At this young age, children have been ingrained with the empathy and compassion which makes them care for other living beings including animals. This is a result of conditioning of the mind, thanks to the atmosphere created at home, school and the playground by parents, teachers and friends. Such an attitude of caring for and helping others will go a long way into making these youngsters of today into good and responsible citizens of tomorrow.It’s good to note that today’s schoolchildren are getting increasingly conscious of environmental concerns including pollution, tree plantation, climate change etc.

Excellent writing, Gogol, with a thought provoking ending. Food for thought for the reader, to put it in a nutshell. Keep on writing and drawing.


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