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Acrylic SOUP for the Locked-Down SOUL!

by Derek Monteiro

In this time of crisis, the Whimsical Clinical Investigation gets underway and the Undercover Secret Chromosomal Agents swing into action. Tracking down Absconding, Fugitive DNA fragments for Traces of the Charmingly Elusive Artistic Vixen Virus ….

What the Experts Say:                 

Whilst Confronting, Arresting, Isolating & Testing Fugitive, Truant DNA fragments gone AWOL, for Traces of the Vagrant, Vagabond, Villainous Artistic Virus…

It has been observed that children are highly susceptible and succumb easily to this mischievous prankster – this microscopic, vexatious Pixie Virus! which literally keeps all parents on their toes and sometimes sweeps them off their feet, metaphorically speaking…

And if you’ve been infected by this Infuriatingly Elusive and sincerely Sinister Artistic Virus, you can either check into the local Fine Arts Asylum and be Quarantined and Isolated in a padded cell located in The Outsider Art Ward or You could vigorously Wash your Hands (But don’t Disobey the Lockdown rules and Rush outside) and generously Share your Artistic Misgivings on Social Media only and spread Good Cheer & Positive Vibes everywhere, even though Christmas is still a long way off!

This Fatal Distraction or Abstract, maybe Absurd Attraction could prove to be Pleasantly Addictive!

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Shivani Manchanda March 8, 2021 - 11:26 am

Is this acrylic on handmade paper?

Derek Philip Monteiro March 12, 2021 - 1:24 pm



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