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Who Do You Think You Are, Steven Jobs? (The Invention of Writing)

by Rustom Kanga
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I am incredibly pleased to find

One who is so strong of mind

Who won’t use a keyboard or a mouse

And doesn’t have a computer in the house


What’s wrong with traditional writing skills

You get pleasure from manually paying your bills

If computers are all you can use then

You will not recall how to use your pen


I will tell you a tale from long, long ago

As this isn’t a new issue, you know


In Sumeria in the reign of Asherhods

At a time when all men talked to Gods

They learnt to chip on stone and hey

Writing was invented that very day


With chisel and hammer they honed their craft

If you couldn’t chisel you were quite daft

In cuneiform they’d communicate

Chipping essays and poems on their stone slate


But if you were commuting to Stone Henge

Lugging rocks in your luggage was a big challenge

So innovation became the talk of the day

And someone discovered the new i-Clay


Then one day an Egyptian from Buxordobs

Whose name was Horus AmetobGobs

Who loved to create clever inventions

Decided to relieve them of all their tensions


While he was sitting on a camel bus

He came up with the idea of papyrus

No need to carry around lumps of clay

With pen and ink you can have your say.


This is bad said the mothers of Buxordobs

Who does he think he is – Steven Jobs?

Our kids – their brains will melt away

If they lose their skill of chiselling clay


They will spend all day playing with the pen

Coming back for a milkshake now and then

Does he think that we are silly old fools

They should ban these things from all the schools


It’s possible that very soon

No kid will know how to chisel in stone

Everywhere they’ll carry ink and pen

(The ballpoint had not been invented then).


So don’t you dare blame Steven Jobs

The problem started with Horus Gobs

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