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July, 2019 – August, 2019


We are exploring energy in this edition. While it was one of the most fundamental inventions of the last century, that literally gave us all more time in the day to pursue stuff, gave us all the modern comforts, it has always been in the back-burner for most of us from IITs. It was never very cool. And honestly burning fossils to power our modern lives, at a fundamental level, never seemed like a great idea. Sure enough, we have destroyed the planet as we know it, as we all became slaves to modern, well-powered life. It is time for a refresh though. The last decade has been one of the most innovative for power which makes us hopeful about a better future for our kids.



Foreword BY Roli Gupta

A general overview of the start of art of electricity by our Guest Editor.

India’s Energy Policy and Ambitions BY Shruti Mahajan

Provides an umbrella view of the energy landscape in India and hints at what the future looks like.

India’s EV Story BY Ankit Singhvi

Shares an on-ground perspective and thoughts on how India will transition to EVs over the next few years.

Electric Mobility in India  BY Amber Shrivastava

A first-hand account of the experience of guiding the IIT Bombay Racing team.

Atomberg Technologies BY Sibabrata Das

The story of those who have made it easy for hundreds of people to adopt less energy intensive choices in daily life.

Energy Efficient Technologies BY Tarun Mishra

Shares how IoT/Ai/ML technologies are being used to optimize the energy use within industrial set-ups.

Learnings of an Energy  Entrepreneur BY Roli Gupta

Charts the fascinating trajectory of a solar startup company.

Future of Distributed Solar Energy in India BY Barkha Bansal & Ayush Mahajan

The challenges and opportunities of adopting distributed solar energy in India and its entrepreneurial future.


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