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September – October, 2017

The road of life is full of important choices which lead you to where you are right now. All of us, over the course of our lives, will feel the call to deviate from the more common path. Something inside of us will be called upon to go left, when it seems that everyone else is going right. The pressure to conform, to behave and do as others do can be an overwhelming force indeed. But, this issue is about people from our own campus community who showed courage to deviate from the common path. Without their willingness to explore the road “less traveled by”, our lives may not have been quite so rich at all.


Teaching to Play  BY Saumil Majmudar

A fascinating story of how an entrepreneur’s vision to get children to play took no less than 14 years to mature.

My Tryst with Open Wells BY Shubha Ramchandran

Unearths unsought and unsung stories of open wells and the communities of people connected to them.

Bringing Change BY Shailesh Gandhi

The coming-of-age story an RTI activist who exchanged corporate success for working towards an ideal India.

Jamming to Innovate BY Prasad Anaokar, Ameya Athavankar and Uday Athavankar

Meet a trio who ‘ve pushed the boundaries of architectural design by engaging stakeholders in a co-creation process.

 Examination Without Invigilation – An experiment in trust BY Sharad Patil

A heartwarming student-professor story from corridors of our own Institute that illustrates how trust begets trust.

Managing Volunteer Expectations BY Ashima Goyal Siraj

 What does it take to keep a volunteer motivated ponders one who has been volunteering since the age of 5.

 Lighting Up Lives BY JAIDEEP BANSAL

The story of an IITB alumnus who spearheaded an effort to bring solar-powered electricity to remote Himalayan villages.

You Think You Know Them But You Don’t BY ZENOBIA DRIVER

The concluding installment of a three-part travel diary, in which old and young ‘uns bond and unbond over cups of coffee, books and bargains.


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