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August – September, 2017

Our last issue helped you escape to distant lands visited by our writers, this one brings you back to reality with an exploration of current economic and sectoral trends. This month we give you plenty of food for thought on topics such as employment, energy, infrastructure, technology etc. With various experts writing about their domain, you can look forward to understanding the background to some current trends as well as being exposed to a few forecasts for the future. So throw away that crystal ball and get started on Fundamatics instead!


Infrastructure Funding Gap in India: Role of Bond Distribution through Indian Stock Exchanges BY Ashish Chauhan

Current trends in the Indian the debt markets by the CEO of Bombay Stock Exchange.

Progressive Regulation of Drones BY Subodh M. Wagle

Debates that drones are essential tools that can be regulated to serve diverse objectives in a country like India.

 Corporate Governance in a Digital World BY Raj Gupta

On the evolving role of corporate boards vis-à-vis management and how the former can stay relevant in a highly dynamic digital age.

 The Future of Work BY Arun Jethmalani

Looks at some megatrends that are imperceptibly shaping the future of employment.

Employment and Energy BY Ajay Phatak

Is employment a neglected parameter in India’s growth story debates the author.

You Think You Know Them, But You Don’t BY Zenobia Driver

Our second installment of a three-part travel diary, in which some expected and some unexpected discoveries are made at an altitude.

The Future is Here: Connect The Dots To See It BY Raj Nair

Connects the missing dots to reveal the far-reaching disruptions waiting to happen with technological development and its implications for future IITians.

Taxed by Tax? BY Arun Inamdar

An artistic take on the Goods & Services Tax Law that has irrevocably transformed the Indian economy and more.


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