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The Epic Tale of Marcel’s Gold Medal

by Rustom Kanga
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Photograph by Antoine Dautry

Marcel didn’t want to work for a science degree
It was useless for his business as far as he could see
But his father was insistent that he should be educated
So he suggested doing accounting as it was less complicated

“You must have some certificate for later on in life
You will find it useful and it’ll save you lots of strife
If you cannot earn yourself a good College diploma
All you’ll be good for is to be Governor of Oklahoma”.

So Marcel enrolled himself in a small accounting school
But he never went to classes, he just played the fool.
But as the time approached for the dreaded examination
He was embroiled with fear and stress and constant trepidation.

He talked to friend Sudhir who was qualified and chartered
“ I need your help my trusted friend. I am about to be martyred,
You look just like me. You must help me with a scam
Please go to the college and as me, do my exam”.

Sudhir was soft hearted. He felt sorry for Marcel
He knew his friend’s dilemma – failure would be hell.
But he was a good accountant so a bargain deal he did.
Marcel had to pay him in cash three thousand quid.

Marcel had no choice, he paid up in advance
Without Sudhir he clearly saw he didn’t have a chance.
So Sudhir packed his calculator and went forth to do his bit
To aid his friend in trouble, the exam he did sit

After a month a letter turned up in the post
It was from the College. Marcel looked like a ghost.
He was summoned by the principal on an appointed day.
He knew he was finished. What was he to say?

With timid step he entered the office in the corner
His face was drawn, he looked despondent like a funeral mourner
His Dad would surely kill him for this nasty misdemeanor
For to earn a college degree no one had been keener

The Principal looked welcoming, beamed a toothed smile
Congratulations Marcel, you have done this in great style
Your paper was exquisite, for such answers I have yearned
For this I’m pleased to say, a Gold Medal you have earned.

Fifty years have passed since Marcel ran his scam.
His grandkids are now preparing for their maths exam
“See this medal,” says Marcel, “listen to what I say.
You must follow my example and study hard today.”

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