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The Stranger In Your Mind

by Derek Monteiro
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Illustration by the author

Never mind the sunshine,
No matter if it rains
Never mind the pleasures
No matter you’ve incurred guilt,
fear & pain
Never mind the sorrows
No matter all the joys
Nothing lasts forever
All these things will soon,
one day pass away

Never dread the threats of war
Prejudice nor revenge
If helpless, homeless, hungry now
No matter you’re insured yet
still feel insecure
Never mind your power ploys
Nor being a helpless pawn
Or if dignified, highly qualified,
Certified insane, outcast or addicted to some cause

Never mind you’re sick or dying
Or if good health is a friend
Never mind your pretty face
Time will steal your youth or
an accident could scar you for life
Never mind your cozy job
Nor being unemployed
Your flashy cars and cool lifestyle,
Famous or unsung or
poor as a humble church mouse

If you’re trying to fit the pieces
Of the jigsaw puzzle of this life
If you’re hoping to steal a glimpse
Of the big picture which the truth reveals
All you have to do is to look within yourselves
Pride is the mist which clouds your inner eye

Don’t regret your marriage vows
Don’t drown your spinster cat
Don’t discard your tattered hopes
No matter if you’re broke
Suicide is only a dead end
Never shun your enemies
Forgive your fickle friends
Never mind you’re an atheist,
Agnostic, pagan or believe
blindly in God’s plan

Never mind your crooked past
Nor if you’re straight or gay
Don’t condemn your dirty thoughts
Shun hypocrisy
Don’t question your pious, celibate ways
Never mind your victories
Learn from your defeats
Don’t bandage-up your wounded pride
Humility is the key which unlocks your higher self

Never mind the game of life
No matter all the strain
Living strictly by the book
Never mind if you’ve rebelled
And broken all the rules
There is neither good nor bad
It’s all in the mind
Life’s a tragi-comic dream
All we do will soon fade from memory….
When the truth wakes you up,
you’ll feel like a stranger out of time…
The truth is stranger than
This fiction that you call life…
Crazy truth is saner than
The madness of human strife…
Humble truth is wiser than
All foolish ego strife…
The truth stands alone
A stranger in your mind !!!

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