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Turbulent Times

by Arnapurna Rath
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Illustration by Pradnya J

These are turbulent times.

There are turbulences in life

like an airplane hung midway

between land and the ocean,

knowing not where to go.

It seems,

 some have mastered the 

language of in-betweens,

mastered the art of deception,

with a nonchalant ruse worrying not for the target soul.

There are turbulences,

in the quiet pastorals 

of my land, which

lives in the unfathomable deeps

of a world full of wannabes,

searching for themselves,

weaving aspiration with temptations.

There are turbulences

in the hearts of the wandering and meandering,

as they walk through the jargon of life.

These are turbulent times.

There are people

hung like posters on walls,


between empty celebrations and celebrities.

These are turbulent times.

There are some like you and me,

who play with words

like a pack of cards,

working with the profession of tears

and tearjerkers

in the hushed metaphors

of clichéd tongues of the master.

These are turbulent times,

As I wander in the quest for peace…

in the battle between self and selflessness,

between reveries and realities,

between time and timelessness.

Because, these are turbulent times…

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